DecoNetwork Tip: Setting up Promotional Coupon Codes in DecoNetwork

A neat tool to drive traffic and sales to your DecoNetwork site is using promotional Coupon Codes.

Coupon codes are a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase your website sales.

Coupon codes are created by the Fulfillment Center owner. If you are an affiliate store contact your Fulfillment Center to discuss this promotional tool.

Accessing Coupon Codes:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork Fulfillment Center website
  2. Select Manage Fulfillment Center > Fulfillment Settings > Configure Coupons

To create a new coupon select the “New Coupon” button.

Under the “General” tab you configure the code, name and special offer associated with your coupon code:

Fields include:

  • Coupon code: This is the code your customer will enter at checkout point to receive the special offer.
  • Coupon name: A name you give the coupon code.
  • Discount amount: A coupon can be configured with a % or $ amount discount.
  • Expiry date: When the coupon code will expire. Customers will not be able to use the coupon code after this date.
  • Minimum purchase: As part of your promotion you may require the customer to purchase a certain value of products. i.e. “buy more than $50 and get 10% off”.
  • Enable: Check this field to enable this coupon code. At any time you can un-check to disable the coupon code.
  • Number of uses: You can limit the number of uses of this coupon code. i.e. “Limited to first 100 customers!”

The next tab “Available products” allows you to limit the use of the coupon against certain products.

For example, the coupon code can only be used for:

  • Pre-decorated products
  • Non-decoratable products
  • Blank products

; or even limit to the product type. i.e.:

  • All products
  • Apparel only, or
  • Apparel and Mugs

You can select any combination of products types.

Finally the “Availability” tab allows you to limit the use of this coupon to certain stores. By default customers on all stores (including your affiliate stores) can use the coupon code. Select which group of stores or which stores in particular you allow to use the coupon code. Alternatively leave the coupon code to be available for all your stores.

Once you’ve finished click Create.

Now that you’ve created your promotional code don’t forget to put it to use! Some suggestions are:

  • Create a banner on your home page promoting the coupon.
  • Email your registered website customers using the Manage Store > Marketing > Send Marketing Email tool.
  • Email your “offline” (non-web) customers. In fact, you can create a special coupon for your “offline customers” to encourage them to become an “online” customer. This will reduce your cost of manually handling your offline customers orders and give them a nice incentive to start using your site.
  • Twitter it!
  • Facebook it!
  • Foursquare it!
  • LinkedIn it!
  • MySpace it! (if you still have one… does anyone any more???)
  • Tell your sales team

Have fun and enjoy getting more sales!

Kobis September 16, 2017

Do you recommend going for only "special-events coupons" like christmas etc. or haveing a steady coupon which is calculated in your pricing?

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