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This week, we’re focusing on keeping your system and your email secure. No one likes spam emails, quote requests, or contact form submissions, so we’re showing you how to prevent those pesky bots and how DecoNetwork is actively working to prevent them as well.

In addition to preventing spam, we’re also taking a look at how to prevent unauthorized access to your account through your login page by focusing on password and user security.

How do I prevent spam on my contact forms?

DecoNetwork has integrated the most common and powerful tool available into forms, and soon, it’s getting an upgrade in Deco. We’ve had Captcha available for web forms for quite some time now, but they were optional. With the recent uptick of spambots showing up across the internet, we’re upgrading the DecoNetwork website editor to include Captchas by default, allowing you to opt out when necessary (though we don’t recommend it). DecoNetwork uses the latest noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA from Google, which is explained a bit more in the video below.

In the meantime, if you’re currently using the DecoNetwork Website Editor, head over to your forms (Signup Page, Checkout, or Request a Quote), go into the widget settings. You may see a “CAPTCHA” dropdown, or you’ll see a “Captcha on” checkbox. Regardless, click on the box next to “Captcha on” to enable human verification on your site. Be sure to save and publish the site to enable those options on your live site.

Cris from DecoNetwork talks about reCaptcha and how to enable it on your contact forms

One other way to keep your site secure is through adding SSL encryption to any custom domains you may be using. We talked more about custom domains on our earlier FAQ here.

What can I do to prevent unauthorized access to my account?

Given that your DecoNetwork platform is the software foundation of your business, we completely understand why you would be concerned with security. We’re constantly asked how you can best keep your site secure, and we’ve got a few tips.

  1. Don’t share your password with anyone (even your best friend)
  2. Choose a secure password you can remember
  3. Don’t reuse passwords
  4. Use a password manager if you can’t keep up with all of your passwords
  5. Utilize your included team members to give each of your employees their own user accounts

On top of these tips, we also do our part to keep your data secure both digitally and physically. For more information on how we do that, check out our Server Security FAQs and feel free to ask us any questions regarding our software security in the DecoNetwork Forums or in a Support Ticket.

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