The battle of the product catalogs – How you can help

One of the great advantages of DecoNetwork is that it includes access to over 20,000 products from leading manufacturers and suppliers around the world. With ease you can add these products to your DecoNetwork website or in Business Hub, and decorate them for your clients. Though, we recommend you limit the number of products on your site – Less is more! But more of that later in this post! 🙂

The reality is not all manufacturers or suppliers have the images or information required to display products on a website like DecoNetwork, let alone in an online designer.

This is the battle of the product catalogs we face on a daily basis while we’re working hard to make as many brands and products available for DecoNetwork subscribers.

Most suppliers have ‘life style’ images of their products, which are typically of models using the product in an everyday life situation. For example:

This is a great image to show the product, but terrible to design for an online designer.

For a product to be used in an online design you really need flat, straight-on images without any arms, sports equipment or other items covering the product, which allows a consumer to upload their designs and preview it on the product. For example:

But here’s the catch… not all product suppliers have these images.

This is a challenge for us as printers, decorators and as DecoNetwork, and will result in some brands or styles being excluded from a catalog.

It really is a case of ‘can’t provide what doesn’t exist’, and while we wish we can guaranty 100% delivery of all products from each supplier – it’s just not possible because we are not always provided the information we need.

How you can help

Ultimately you can help by encouraging your supplier to start taking the appropriate images for use in the online space such as an online designer. You buy products from your supplier and as a source of revenue they will listen to you.

Only they have access to all their products and can take the images required, and ultimately it will benefit them as you will see more of their products.

Less is more

When it comes to products on your front-end website – less is more!

Our most successful DecoNetwork websites have under 100 products on their front-end website. After all, how many white crew neck tees do you really need?

Too many choices will confuse your customers and lead to indecision. Indecision will lead to a lost sale. So our recommendation is to keep the number of products available in your web store to a minimum to maximize your chance of making a sale.


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