The Move to Mobile- DecoNetwork 8 Profiled in Images Magazine UK

DecoNetwork 8 Detailed in Images Magazine UK

We all know the mobile market is important, but with a whopping 19% of retail sales in the last year moving to mobile with a projected growth to more than 25% by 2021, it’s becoming clear that no business can afford to wait to make their move into the mobile space. Seeing that we at DecoNetwork have placed considerable effort and investment into making our front-end ready for customers on any device, we were happy to see the point so clearly brought home in the latest edition of the excellent publication for apparel and accessories decorators in the UK, Images Magazine.

DecoNetwork 8 Detailed in Images Magazine UK
DecoNetwork 8 Detailed in Images Magazine UK

At the link below, you’ll find a feature detailing DecoNetwork’s move to a mobile-friendly and responsive future with our latest version 8 upgrades. In the article, you’ll learn why we decided to put mobile first, how the mobile responsive online designer, website front-end, and drag-and-drop site designer are poised to make business easier for decorators, no matter what device their customers favor, and the benefits we expect for those making this move to mobile now.

If you’re interested in the future of online sales, why we created DecoNetwork 8, and what it can do for you, please check us out in the latest issue at the link below.

Click Here to read about Mobile Markets and DecoNetwork 8 in Images Magazine


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