This Week in Catalog: 2019 in Review

What a year! The catalog department added 3,135 new products and updated 1,793 products this past year. Let’s see how it breaks down by catalog.

Alphabroder: 374 new products, 37 updated products
BTC Activewear: 2 new products, 7 updated products
Expert: 1 updated product
Otto Cap: 2 updated products
PenCarrie: 1,253 new products, 1,180 updated products
Ralawise: 279 new products, 24 updated products
S&S Activewear: 944 new products, 361 updated products
SanMar: 283 new products, 172 updated
SanMar Canada: 7 updated products
Vantage: 2 updated products

In addition to this, we configured simple categories for 12,193 pre-existing active products.


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