This Week in Catalog: April 13, 2018

Are you feeling superstitious this Friday the 13th? Don’t worry, the catalog department has nothing but good news for you today. Despite having a lot of support tickets to attend to this week, a ton of new products were added to our catalog lineup.

BTC Activewear was the big winner with 40 new products configured. SanMar had been quiet for a while but we added 5 new products there. S&S Activewear hit us up with 15 new products and we got through 34 in Alphabroder. We also put in some work on the Ralawise catalog, configuring 14 products.

I anticipate that BTC will be finished next week. We’ve been in touch with them and they are interested in doing smaller, more frequent updates instead of one large annual update. This is great news! It’s very difficult for us when we get hit with multiple large updates all at once. We expect a smaller update coming for them this fall. With BTC finished, we will be able to devote more attention to Ralawise while still working on our American catalogs.


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