This Week in Catalog: April 23, 2021

I hope everyone has had a good two weeks. We are aware of a lingering issue in Ralawise related to the import of data that had encoding errors. Development is on the case and should soon have all of the incorrect color names removed from the system. Next week, we will be republishing Alphabroder to get current pricing online. We republished BTC Activewear this week to get their new pricing live. I was contacted by SanMar Canada yesterday and notified that they are also working on a pricing update.

Over the past two weeks we have added 50 new products to the Alphabroder catalog and updated 2 with new images. We’ve added 44 new products to BTC Activewear and updated 7. In S&S Canada, we have added 25 new products. We have added 22 new products and updated 7 in PenCarrie. Although S&S Activewear was locked most of the last two weeks for republication, we have added 8 new products and updated 8 with new images. Lastly, we have added 1 product to Ralawise, updated 1 product in SanMar, and updated 1 product in OttoCap. We are still waiting for them to provide us with current data so we can update the whole catalog.


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