This Week in Catalog: April 27, 2018

April is drawing to a close and it’s an exciting time for us here at DecoNetwork. Next time I write to you, version 8 will be live. Hooray! Amidst a flurry of last-minute work related to version 8, we put in some time adding new products to the catalog, as always. Next week, we should be back into catalog development full-swing

There were two additions to SanMar this week. Next up was S&S Activewear with 21 new products. We split the rest of the week between Ralawise, with 27 products processed, and Alphabroder, with 41. BTC Activewear sent us some new data this week but it didn’t contain any new products. We don’t expect any additions there until autumn. Also, we are working on getting current data for Holloway Sportswear and Augusta Sportswear. Their Fall/Winter 2018 update is now available.


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