This Week in Catalog: April 3, 2020

Hello all. I hope you’re hanging in there and faring well. We have received a notification from Augusta Sportswear that their new data is available and we should be able to import it next week. It is supposed to include the lines they have acquired, including Holloway. Before you get too excited, though, please realize that we will have to work this into our existing production schedule and the new products will not be available en masse anytime soon. Like everyone out there, we’re doing our best. Recently, we’ve been flooded with tickets about products configured a long time ago when we were using non-visual decoration areas rather than providing wire frames when product photography was unavailable. We are trying to get through them as fast as we can.

This week, we configured 66 new products in S&S Activewear and 8 new products in Ralawise. We updated 23 products in S&S, 9 in Alphabroder, 4 in SanMar, 4 in Expert, and 2 in PenCarrie.


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