This Week in Catalog: April 5, 2019

It was a crazy, hectic week for us. I have some good news that we think you’ll like: we have imported the data for the next Ralawise update. As always, I can’t give an estimate on when it will be completed, especially since PenCarrie is our top project at the moment. On that front, we updated 70 products in PenCarrie this week with new images and colors.

Other product updates include; 8 products in SanMar, 4 in Ralawise,
2 in Alphabroder, 2 in Otto, 2 in BTC Activewear, and 2 in S&S Activewear. In addition, we applied simple categories for 415 products in Alphabroder. We also received new data today from Otto which corrects the errors in their previous data file. I have submitted the changes for publication and am hoping they will be live on Monday.


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