This Week in Catalog: April 9, 2021

Hello there. I will be on vacation next week so there will be no catalog blog post. We will resume as normal on Friday, April 26. We have downloaded the data for the Ralawise price update and are waiting for development to complete the import. We have also submitted PenCarrie for republication to remove discontinued products and update pricing.

We are now addressing Alphabroder as our main focus for U.S. catalogs. This week, we added 26 new products. We added 25 new products to S&S Canada. We added 22 new products to BTC Activewear. The 2021 update for the Uneek catalog is complete. We added 8 new products and updated 3 with new colorways. Also, we updated 3 products in Ralawise, added 1 new product to PenCarrie and updated 1 product each in SanMar and S&S Activewear.


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