This Week in Catalog: August 28, 2020

Hi, DecoNetworkers. We are still awaiting new data for several catalogs, including PenCarrie, OttoCap, and Augusta Sportswear. In the meantime, we’re hard at work on other catalog properties. This week, we added 31 new products to SanMar and updated 12 with new images. In Ralawise, we added 26 new products. We updated 23 products in S&S Activewear with new images, 3 in Alphabroder, and 2 in PenCarrie.

In the coming weeks, we are hoping to begin some updates to BTC Activewear and more in PenCarrie and Ralawise. Development is still working on a glitch that’s preventing us from importing data in SanMar Canada and the new Gildan Australia catalog. We’ll begin work when we are able.


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