This Week in Catalog: December 11, 2020

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! I want to inform you of a slight schedule change for the catalog blog. There will be no post next Friday, the 18th. Instead, I will be posting our year in review post on the following Wednesday, December 23rd. The catalog office will be closed from December 24 until January 4th for the holiday break. One piece of very good news, we are finally underway with getting the S&S Activewear Canadian products online. We now have access to the data but the development team needs to determine how to proceed from there with data management/imports. The project is in its infancy and I cannot say how long it will be before we get the catalog up and running, however, you’ve been waiting a long time and I wanted to share the good news.

In our active catalog properties, we had a busy week. We added 51 new products to S&S Activewear and updated 2 with new images. We added 25 new products to the Ralawise catalog. In BTC Activewear, we added 14 new products. We added 12 products to Augusta Sportswear, all from the Pacific Headwear line. Lastly, we updated 8 products in SanMar and 1 in Alphabroder.


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