This Week in Catalog: December 6, 2019

Are you all in full holiday season swing? We are, here in the catalog department. This week, we continued our current priorities of the S&S Activewear and Ralawise catalogs. In S&S, we configured 23 new products and updated 49 with new images. These updates are due to products malfunctioning as a result of the addition of new colorways in recent imports. In Ralawise, we configured 18 new products and updated 1. We also updated 3 products in SanMar and 2 in PenCarrie.

I’ve gotten word that we will be adding a new catalog in the spring (in the US). We are proud to announce that we will be carrying Gildan’s Australian catalog as an extension of the old Superior Activewear catalog. We do not expect to receive data until March, when they have their next update but we may get something sooner. As soon as we have data, we will begin integrating it into our production schedule.


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