This Week in Catalog: February 12, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, DecoNetworkers! There has been some confusion this week regarding prices for Gildan products in the S&S Activewear catalog. We have been informed that there was a pricing change on February 5th. We pull data from S&S once a month, which will occur this weekend. The discrepancy will be resolved next week, pending the update. We also have some news regarding Under Armour products in Alphabroder. We have finally gotten them to agree to provide us with data for those products, which had been withheld due to their agreement with the brand concerning customer pre-approvals. The data should be available to us later this month. However, this is only phase one of the process. We have to figure out a way on our end to limit the availability of these products to those licensees who have the required pre-approval. The issue is in development but I cannot give an estimate on how long it will take before a solution is implemented. We appreciate your continued patience.

We have added 30 new products to S&S Activewear this past week. In S&S Activewear Canada, we added 25 products. The plan is still to release the in-progress catalog in early March. We added 20 products in Ralawise and 4 products in Outdoor Cap. Lastly, we added 2 new products in Alphabroder and updated 1 with new images.


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