This Week in Catalog: February 14, 2019

Hello and happy Valentine’s Day. A blog post on a Thursday? Yes. From time to time, I am allowed away from my desk to take a few days off and this is one such occasion. I’ll be back at it next Wednesday.

We have received word from Ralawise that the data for their 2019 update is nearly complete. It looks like it just needs a few corrections before it will be sent to us. Also, we will be running a pricing update for the S&S Activewear catalog this weekend so be sure to update your catalog next week to have the latest pricing in place.

Progress was a little slower than usual due to having a large number of image per color new products, plus it’s only Thursday so don’t be dismayed if this week’s product tally looks smaller than normal. We updated images for 4 products in the Ralawise catalog and one product in SanMar. In S&S Activewear, we added 37 new products and updated images for one more. Finally, in Alphabroder, we’ve added 9 new products as of the time of this writing.


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