This Week in Catalog: February 28th, 2020

Happy Leap Day weekend, y’all. Things were really hopping (sorry, not sorry) in the catalog department this week. First, in S&S Activewear, we added 63 new products and updated 7. In PenCarrie, we added 14 new products and updated 10. In SanMar, we updated 19 products. We added 15 new products to Ralawise. Lastly, we updated 8 products in Alphabroder.

vincent legare March 4, 2020

Hi there. I was hoping as well to finally find an updated version of the so light Canadian cataloge from suppliers. Hoping to see the result of the newest SS activewear / technosport venture in Canada. As they are now a Canadian supplier, SS activewear that is, can we hope to see their catalogue offered via Deconetwork in a soon future? Thanks.

emy Sigfrid March 3, 2020

Could you please Update the SSactivewear catalog for the Canadian version!!!