This Week in Catalog: January 15, 2021

Hello hello hello! We have officially begun work on two new catalogs today. The first is Outdoor Cap. We anticipate getting this one complete and available to you by early February. The other is S&S Activewear Canada. I can’t say yet how long it will take us to complete, however, we will likely make it publicly available once a good portion of the catalog is configured.

We added 71 new products to the original S&S Activewear catalog and updated 21 products with new images. In Ralawise, we added 31 new products. In SanMar, we added 32 new products and updated 1. We also configured 5 products in S&S Canada, 2 in PenCarrie, 1 in BTC Activewear and 1 in Outdoor Cap.


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