This Week in Catalog: July 10, 2020

Hello. It was back to work as normal, more or less, this week. We think we may finally have the problem solved that was preventing face coverings offered by S&S Activewear from being pulled in with the rest of the product data. There is an import scheduled to take place this weekend so we shall find out. We’ve also received data from BTC Activewear for four new face cover products. We’ve been in touch with Ralawise, who appears to be adding more and more face covers each week. They are unable to provide us with new data at that pace but they’re working on getting us updates as soon as they can. Lastly, we have yet to get any reply to our efforts to get data from PenCarrie. Sometimes it’s helpful if they get pressure from their customers. Just sayin’.

Since my last blog post, two weeks ago (due to the Independence Day holiday), we have added 120 new products to the S&S Activewear catalog and updated 4 products. We have added 16 products to the Ralawise catalog. In SanMar, we have added 8 new products and updated 5 others. We have also added 4 new products to BTC Activewear. Lastly, we’ve added 1 new product to PenCarrie and updated 6, and also updated 2 products in Alphabroder.


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