This Week in Catalog: June 12, 2020

Hello again. I have a bit of housekeeping that I’d like to remind you of. If you’re looking for a catalog product and are unable to find it, please try updating your catalog first before filing a support ticket or contacting the vendor. SmartSelect will show you if there are any updates available for your catalog(s).

We were successful in getting product updates from Ralawise concerning face coverings. In total, we added 14 new products and updated 1. Our monthly import from SanMar provided us with 14 new products and we updated 45. In S&S Activewear, we added 10 new products and updated an additional 10. We added 1 new product to PenCarrie and updated 4. To finish off the week, we updated 3 products in Alphabroder, 1 in BTC Activewear, and 1 in AS Colour. We’re still waiting to hear from PenCarrie on the face covering front and our fingers are crossed that this weekend’s data import from S&S includes Covid essentials.


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