This Week in Catalog: June 5, 2020

Hello all! We have reached out to Ralawise and PenCarrie in hopes of getting updates so that we can offer the face covers they’ve added recently. This issue is important to us (and Cardi B, apparently) and we feel it’s best not to wait until their next scheduled data updates to get these available for you in DecoNetwork. It’s a relative small number of products so we are hoping that with the cooperation of the vendors, we can get them live within a week or two. As always, no promises as there are variables out of our control.

This week, we added 62 new products to the S&S Activewear catalog and updated an additional 36. We added 11 new products in Ralawise and updated 1. Lastly, we added 3 new products to PenCarrie and updated 3 products. We are scheduled to have a data import from SanMar this weekend and my fingers are crossed that the new face masks/coverings will be included.


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