This Week in Catalog: March 20, 2020

Despite the troubles going on in the U.S. and around the world, work on the DecoNetwork catalogs is proceeding uninterrupted. We have gotten some sizing issues figured out in two catalogs.

In SanMar, we were able to alter our scripting to pull the size specifications from a different source than the database we’d been using. The catalog has been resubmitted and should be live early next week with size dimensions expressed in circumference rather than the flat measurement. Ralawise has fixed the size order in their data and all new products should be appearing in the correct sequential order rather than alphanumeric order. This update is already live.

We finally received some product photos we’d been waiting on for quite some time from Condé and this enabled us to add 18 new products this week. No word yet on when more product data can be anticipated. In S&S Activewear, we have added 41 new products and updated 4 products with new images. We added 3 new products in the Ralawise catalog. In Alphabroder we updated 2 products and in PenCarrie, we added 1 new product and updated 3 others.


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