This Week in Catalog: March 22, 2019

Hello, everyone. We’ve spent most of this week working on an exciting new feature that we will be rolling out in version 8.5, simple categories. The way product categories are currently handled relies on the data supplied to us by the vendor. This, as many of you may have noted, can result in very a messy category structure, depending on how each vendor has categorized their products.

With simple categories, we set the category for a product ourselves during the configuration process so that they make sense within our system instead of relying on vendor data. This should result in a cleaner look for your web stores and also give results that make more sense. This week, we added simple categories to all 2115 products in the SanMar catalog and to 110 products in the S&S Activewear catalog. Oh, and before you ask, no, I do not know when version 8.5 will be available. Sorry, folks.

In between work on simple categories, we added 17 new products to S&S, made one product image update to S&S, updated 1 product in Ralawise, and updated 19 products in SanMar. If you’re at ISS Atlantic City this weekend, enjoy! We’ll see you next week.


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