Hello everyone and welcome to spring (or fall, depending on where you are)! We did our best to keep processing new catalog products while also working on some other important catalog projects. I’m pleased to say that the projects are complete and next week will see a return to our normal volume of work in product configuration.

We processed 41 products in BTC Activewear and are nearing completion of their annual update. 20 new products were added to S&S Activewear, missing images were added to a product in Alphabroder and we processed 10 new products in the Ralawise catalog. Our agenda for next week is to continue work in BTC, Alphabroder, and Ralawise. We never know what unexpected data will arrive, but that’s the plan.


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Suzanne is the Catalog Project Coordinator for DecoNetwork. She enjoys reading, yoga, Game of Thrones, and has a borderline-unhealthy obsession with pugs.

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