This Week in Catalog: March 29, 2018

A catalog post on a Thursday? DecoNetwork America will be closed on Friday for the holiday weekend. Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate them. Although it was a short week, the catalog department accomplished a lot. We processed 27 products in S&S Activewear, getting it up to date with all of the new products as of the time of this posting. The Alphabroder catalog got 27 products processed this week as well, 26 of which are new. We also squeezed in 2 new products for the SanMar catalog. In our UK catalogs, we added 36 new products to BTC Activewear and 24 new products to Ralawise.

I wanted to pass along some information concerning the Bodek and Rhodes catalog. Every so often, we receive support tickets asking for updates to the Bodek and Rhodes. The catalog is no longer supported within DecoNetwork and we no longer have the ability to make updates to it. All former Bodek and Rhodes products are now fulfilled through Alphabroder. I suggest that any of you out there who are still using the Bodek and Rhodes catalog take some time to switch to the Alphabroder version of those products in order to keep them up to date.


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