This Week in Catalog: March 9, 2018

I hope you DecoNetwork-ers have had a great week. We’ve received a request through the forums to organize the blank templates used for product creation. Although we have a hectic schedule right now, we will address this request as soon as we are able.

Even though things didn’t quite go as anticipated this week, we did still get a start on that Ralawise update. We added 40 new products to the Ralawise catalog in the past few days. Part of the disruption in our plans was due to the unexpected arrival of data from S&S Activewear. We added 86 products to S&S this week but there are a few dozen left that we are still waiting on photography for. SanMar got one new product activated this week, BTC Activewear had 21, and we rounded out the week by adding 10 new products to Alphabroder.

You may notice a small change to the bag decoration areas. We have renamed four of the decoration areas so that the names are a little more logical. These changes have been applied to all of our catalogs and should be going live in the coming week. Enjoy your weekend and, hopefully, those of us experiencing the clock change for the beginning of Daylight Saving Time won’t be too sleepy on Monday. I will be but I’m not what you might call “a morning person”.


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