This Week in Catalog: May 17, 2019

Hello out there. Despite my recent radio silence, we have been plugging away at our various catalog projects. I have no real news or developments to share other than our progress since my last blog post.

Our major projects are still PenCarrie and S&S Activewear. In PenCarrie, we have added 82 new products and updated images for an additional 2 products. In S&S, we have added 5 new products, updated 51 products with new/previously missing images, and added simple categories for 1215 products. This puts us at about 2/3 completion for simple categories in that catalog.

The May data import for SanMar only included one new product, which has been added and image updates were completed for 2 products. In Ralawise, we’ve updated 2 products with new images and we’ve done the same in Alphabroder for 5 products.


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