This Week in Catalog: May 25, 2018

This week, we started work on our shifted priorities, as outlined in my blog post last week. We are beginning the product review process with S&S Activewear.  44 products have been reviewed, of which 34 had new images added. As we review our catalog products, there will be a significant number of products that will need to have images added. The majority of these are likely to be products using templates that need to be switched to image per color product views. Some are products that were configured before all of the product images were available. There will also be products configured during the period of time where we were using non-visualized decoration areas that need to have wire frames added for those views. What does this mean? It takes nearly as long to correct these products as it takes to configure them in the first place, longer even in the case of those that used templates but need to be converted to image per color.

The catalog department is still adding new products but on a much reduced schedule. This week, we added 5 new products to the Ralawise catalog and 29 to Alphabroder. On Monday, the office will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, so it will be a shortened week for the catalog department.

Emy Sigfrid May 29, 2018

Would be nice to have some Canada options! So frustrated trying to add items, ready to give up.