This Week in Catalog: November 30, 2018

December is almost upon us. Where on Earth does the time go? Since last week was short due to the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve combined these two weeks together in a single post. We’ve identified and fixed a bug that was causing sizes to appear out of order in some of our UK catalogs. Uneek has already been addressed and PenCarrie should be finished up early next week. Our main focus has been working on the SanMar Canada 2019 update. Thus far, we’ve configured 70 new products. Amazing that we’re nearly halfway done in just under two weeks!

We’ve split the rest of our time between various other catalogs. The American version of SanMar had one new product added last week. The Alphabroder catalog has gotten 10 new products, while S&S Activewear has had 27 new products activated and new images added for two others. That’s all for now. Our focus over the next few weeks will continue to be S&S Activewear and SanMar Canada. I expect we’ll be receiving new data for BTC Activewear and Ralawise soon. I’ll let you know when it arrives.


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