This Week in Catalog: October 18, 2019

Howdy! We are still working with SanMar to rectify some pricing issues. They appear to be affecting only case pricing, at this point. In PenCarrie, we added 77 new products and updated 1 this week. In Alphabroder, we added 2 new products. We added 8 new products to S&S Activewear and updated 4 additional products. To round out the week, we updated 1 product in BTC Activewear, 2 products in SanMar, and 2 products in SanMar Canada.

Gail October 19, 2019

I am a new subscriber and loading the sanmar catalog for the first time - we have a corporate empoloyee store affiliate store that uses Nike and The Northface and in trying to load from the Deco Catalog I am finding several styles are missing and some have been discontinued that are still on there.    Any chance we could get a quick update to that catalog?  Thanks

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