This Week in Catalog: October 9, 2020

Howdy, DecoNetworkers. We have been hit with a lot of new data this week. We finally got updates from PenCarrie and JB’s Wear. Cue the marching band and start the confetti! The new data has been imported but I cannot estimate how long it will take until everything is complete, as these projects are not currently accounted for in our production schedule. We are continuing work on the Gildan Brands catalog and hope to launch it in early November. We are also working with Outdoor Cap to create a new catalog exclusively for their products.

We have added 25 new products to PenCarrie this week and updated 1 product with new images. We added 20 new products to BTC Activewear and 20 to the upcoming Gildan Brands catalog. In both Ralawise and Alphabroder, we added 15 new products and have updated images for an additional product in each. We added 14 new products to the SanMar catalog and updated 4 products. Lastly, we updated 4 products in S&S Activewear.


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