This Week in Catalog: September 11, 2020

Hello, DecoNetwork-ers. While we continue to wait for current data from Augusta Sportswear in order to offer products from their new Pacific Headwear line, we have also asked them to review the pricing they’ve provided. It appears that at least some of the new product SKUs show retail pricing instead of the expected wholesale prices. While development has worked out what they think is a solution to the glitch preventing us from importing data for SanMar Canada and Gildan Australia, the fix is tied to the next version of the software and will not be implemented until the catalog back end is upgraded to the new version. Hopefully, that will be soon.

This week, we added 60 new products in the PenCarrie catalog. In Ralawise, we added 25 new products and updated 4. We added 5 new products in SanMar and updated 6 with new images. We updated 28 products in S&S Activewear with new images and/or colorways. Lastly, we added 4 new products in Augusta Activewear.


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