Everyone, from the ex-hobbyist starting to sell from their home-based shop to the production decorator cranking out large-volume orders on multi-head machines, has to face the same question when deciding to offer their services;

What should I charge for my work?

Our eBook ‘Understanding Embroidery Pricing: How-To Price Your Embroidery Services Profitably’ guides your first steps to being properly compensated, creating a long-term mindset for maintenance and growth, and feeling more at ease with your pricing decisions.

Covering everything from volume discounts to pricing structures, digitizing fees to additional charges, price versus value, calculating your costs, and more, Understanding Embroidery Pricing leads you through the critical questions you need to ask about your shop to not only survive but thrive.

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About Author

Ammber has been in the apparel game since 2004 in design, production and sales roles. She has worked with global fashion brands, runs her own t-shirt label and has helped to grow some of Australia’s leading custom apparel shops. The process of bringing a design to life from conception to finished product continues to delight and inspire her. When she’s not crushing it as a Design & Marketing Coordinator for DecoNetwork she’s going on hikes, sketching t-shirt ideas or cooking up a storm.

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