V4.01 – Sneak Peek – Custom Commission for Affiliate Stores

“Hey Greg, Can I set a different commission rate per affiliate store”, A common question I have heard many times, now I can answer it with a yes.
What can a different commission rate per affiliate store mean?
It means you can expand your business models, reward loyal or successful stores, or offer better incentives for stores to operate for you.

This will give you a new level of flexibility to increase sales.

Here is how it works

  • You set a retail rate for your products.
  • You set a commission rate for all your stores. (Currently all stores use the same commission rate)
  • Now you can override the commission rate per affiliate store.

A few extra tips:.

  • Commission rates can be set at the store or store group level.
  • Changing a commission rate does not affect the recommended retail price, it changes the whole price at the store level.
  • I can already here you asking, “great, but when is this going to be available”?

Answer – Early this week.


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