Creating an embroidery quote with custom digitizing in DecoHub

Well the exciting news keeps rolling out of the DecoNetwork kitchen with the preview of creating an embroidery quote with custom digitizing in Business Hub.

You all know how difficult it is to estimate stitch count on a customers bitmap. Well, Business Hub solves this problem with automatic stitch estimating and pricing for embroidery and embroidery digitizing.

Don’t forget as a DecoNetwork site owner you can use Business Hub in beta form today. Simply email our team on and include your DecoNetwork website address.


Along with the embroidery digitizing job with stitch estimation, Business Hub also lets you add real embroidery lettering in straight or arched line as you can currently do with your embroidery software. It also has all the fonts available in Wilcom’s embroidery design software. Here is a quick image of the embroidery text editing in Business Hub.

Hamza January 27, 2020

greate work great article i realy enjoy. Its very helpful for me Thanks for sharing 

Anne Edwords November 27, 2017

Embroidery digitizing is quite cool.. I liked your article too. Great work

Mark Oscar December 9, 2016

I really appreciate your work :) Thanks for sharing :)

mary porter July 5, 2011

does it sew curve or change it to curve instead of striaght or up and down

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