Making sure a customers’ small lettering can be read in thread is a common challenge for embroiderers.

In this webinar, we explore the key elements to capturing the detail with hosts Brenden Prazner and Erich Campbell including:-

  • The “5mm rule”
  • Editing keyboard text
  • Think thin (threads)
  • Straight stitch text
  • The handshake distance
  • Discussing small lettering with your clients, and more!


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Ammber has been in the apparel game since 2004 in design, production and sales roles. She has worked with global fashion brands, runs her own t-shirt label and has helped to grow some of Australia’s leading custom apparel shops. The process of bringing a design to life from conception to finished product continues to delight and inspire her. When she’s not crushing it as a Design & Marketing Coordinator for DecoNetwork she’s going on hikes, sketching t-shirt ideas or cooking up a storm.

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