Webinar: Information Management for Garment Decorators

If you or your employees waste time every day looking for information, trying to find the person who last spoke with your client, or halting production to verify an order detail, then this webinar is for you.

In this webinar recording Erich shares the ‘Internal Client’ model for information workflow.  This framework can help you stop unnecessary backtracking and have the information you need, when and where it is most useful!

Nobody likes doing extra work, whether that’s tracking down lost specs or recreating garments decorated incorrectly due to lax handling of important information.  In this webinar, we give you the tips to avoid these pitfalls by covering:-

  • Information Flow
  • Complete Collection
  • The Internal Client Model
  • Departmental Needs/Responsibilities
  • Management Systems
  • ‘Bottom Line’ Benefits

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