Do you or your employees waste time every day looking for information, trying to find the person who last spoke with your client, or halting production to verify an order detail?

On March 23rd, at 3PM Eastern, I’ll be hosting a webinar on information management, where I’ll be teaching the ‘Internal Client’ model for information workflow.  This framework can help you stop unnecessary backtracking and have the information you need, when and where it is most useful!

Click here to sign up: Information Management Webinar

The webinar should last roughly 45 minutes to an hour, followed by Q&A, time permitting.

Nobody likes doing extra work, whether that’s tracking down lost specs or recreating garments decorated incorrectly due to lax handling of important information. This webinar gives you the tips to avoid these pitfalls.

In this webinar, I’ll cover:

  • Information Flow
  • Complete Collection
  • The Internal Client Model
  • Departmental Needs/Responsibilities
  • Management Systems
  • ‘Bottom Line’ Benefits

Can’t wait to see you all there!


About Author

Erich was an award-winning machine embroidery digitizer, designer and e-commerce manager in his career as a decorator. He became a voice in the decorated apparel industry, frequently contributing articles and interviews to embroidery industry magazines as well as a host of blogs, social media groups, and other industry resources and has recently begun teaching and talking on the tradeshow circuit. Erich is currently the Relationship Manager at DecoNetwork, and continues to be an evangelist for the craft, a stitch-obsessed embroidery believer, and holds firm to a belief in constant, lifelong learning and the free exchange of technique and experience through conversations with his fellow decorators.

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