Website title best practices

A website title is important. It is typically the first thing a human sees when they see your websites listed in a Google search result. Therefore, you need to think about what makes the perfect title to attract the user’s attention.

There are many conflicting theories on what makes the best website page title but there are some logical rules you can follow.

Keep it short and sweet

A website title is not very long and the title length shown in Google is even shorter, so keep your website title to around 70 characters.

Keywords then brand

Here is where some people can disagree. Some claim it’s better to have your keywords listed in your title first then the brand name. i.e.:

“Custom T-Shirt Printing, Hoodies, Aprons, Sweatshirts – Sydney Australia | ACME Threads Promotional Apparel”

Compared to brand first i.e.:

“ACME Threads Promotional Apparel | Custom T-Shirt Printing, Hoodies, Aprons, Sweatshirts – Sydney Australia”

It may not make much difference for Google (though some argue it does) but it can make a difference for your potential website visitor.

Consider a person looking for custom t-shirt printing. Are they more than likely to type in Google “ACME Threads Promotional Apparel” or are they more likely to type “Custom T-Shirts Printing”? I reckon the second.

Therefore, don’t risk the chance that the keywords they actually type into Google might be at the end of your website title and possibly out of view in the Google search result.

The added advantage of including the keywords at the begging of you title is the chance they will be visible to the user in the Google search results. Any visible words in a website title or short description is highlighted bold therefore capturing the user attention even more.

Search term “Personalised printed t shirts”.


Notice the highlighted search terms in the Google search results?

Ensure your primary keywords are first (“Custom T-shirt Printing”) and secondary keywords next (“Hoodies, aprons, sweatshirts – Sydney Australia”) followed by your company name. i.e.

“Custom T-Shirt Printing, Hoodies, aprons, sweatshirts – Sydney Australia | ACME Threads Promotional Apparel”.

Your website title is important. Spend some time on it and always thing like a consumer.

Tommy January 8, 2013

Hi Brenden. Happy New Year. I've been meaning to ask you for 6 months now, How can we make our Brand Name LAST in our page title when the system automatically places it first?

imegen June 29, 2012

yes..its completely true..tshirts are the part of our day to day life..

Unid May 21, 2012

I don't believe in that SEO at all! if you have content - you have good rankings!

Mark May 21, 2012

It depends if you want to promote keywords of you 'brand' name I would suggest in title use only keywords and maybe brand but definitely in description around 164 characters - keywords and brand Keywords business clothing or branded t-shirts or embroidered polo shirts are very popular

Tommy May 16, 2012

Brandon - Considering there is a Deco General setting for both Meta Keywords & Meta description, as well as Title, Keywords, & Description for each page, where should I start? Is it Page Title where you set the keywords/company name? Is Meta Description where you set the summary that displays under the title? Thanks - Tommy

Zeljko May 14, 2012

Thanks for the tips on tshirt printers