Where’s Erich? – Tips for Decorators Starting in Social Media

Erich Campbell - Where's Erich - Social Media Video for DecoNetwork

In the latest “Where’s Erich?”, I offer tips for apparel decorators looking to get started in social media. Whether you’re a screen printer, a machine embroiderer, run DTG machines,  or engage in any kind of apparel decoration, you know that if you aren’t on social media, there’s a lot of attention passing you by. With these tips, you’ll find that there’s no reason not to get your social media presence started today.

Here’s a summary of the tips covered in this episode:

  • Know where your customers are.
    • Ask customers where they spend their time and start being active in that channel
    • Facebook is often a good choice for your first venture into social media.
    • Instagram is great for decorators because it is highly visual.
  • Don’t ‘sell’ more than you give value.
    • 8 or 9 posts in 10 should be helpful information or entertaining posts, only 1 or 2 should directly sell. The more value you can lead with, the better your sales will likely be.
  • Remember your audience.
    • Make sure you share information the customer needs more than information you feel like you need to share; the difference is slight, but important.
    • Speak the same language as your intended niche markets; know what they like and dislike, and use language they can understand and identify with, but only if you understand how to use it. Be authentic.
  • Show the kind of work you want to do.
    • Don’t just show things that are technically difficult. Show work that makes profit.
    • If you have an area or niche you want to explore, show work that addresses that niche, even if it means making your own spec samples.

Every decorator that joins the social media landscape has a chance to promote our industry as well as their own shops; we all benefit from each one who takes the plunge and shares their work with the world.


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