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DecoNetwork Step 2 – Your Website Navigation: Add, Delete, and Configure Pages

Designing an affiliate website can often feel overwhelming if you have never used DecoNetwork’s content management software (CMS). By breaking down the website design process into simple steps, the software starts to become less intimidating.

An Introduction to Creating the Perfect Website Navigation

When it comes to designing the perfect website, there are many variables to get right, but perhaps the most important is creating an ideal navigation system for the customer. It does not matter how great your marketing, content, or website design itself is if your customer can’t find what they are looking for on your site. Creating the perfect website navigation for your customers is not difficult, it just takes a little bit of thinking and putting yourself in your customer’s shoes.

The type of website and what products are primarily going to be sold will often dictate which pages should be turned on or off. There are many different types of affiliate clients / types of websites, but at the end of the day either a website sells decorated retail products or custom decoration services. The majority of affiliate websites sell retail decorated products, which revolve around using the “Products” and “Designs” pages. Whereas a custom decoration business will definitely want to use the “Create” page and maybe the “Products” and “Designs” pages if they are going to also sell retail products. 

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