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DTG Printing Shop Management Software

Direct-to-Garment business software designed for the printer

DTG Shop Management Software

Every type of printing has its own specific challenges, and Direct-to-Garment (DTG) is a case in point. We know that because we’ve come to DecoNetwork from the printing industry. We’re dedicated to helping you to reduce your costs, maximize your efficiency and get fast turnover of low quantity orders - so we designed software that helps you do just that!

We understand challenges faced by DTG printers. We understand the importance of accurate pricing, product suitability and design placement.

Pain relief with DTG-ready products

Are you sick of receiving DTG orders that can’t be printed? Eliminate that frustration with DecoNetwork!

Let’s start with the garment. Thanks to DecoNetwork SmartSelect™ technology, you don’t need to manually browse through thousands of products to decide whether they’re suitable for DTG printing or not. DecoNetwork SmartSelect automatically filters all the DTG-ready and safe products from dozens of supplier catalogs such as S&S Activewear, SanMar, alphabroder, BTC Activewear, JBsWear and more. (You feel better already, right?)

And then there are the many tripwires involved in DTG printing. Wouldn’t it be great if only products suitable for DTG were automatically enabled when you or the customer selected a supplier catalog? Yes it would, so we did that! With DecoNetwork SmartSelect™, you can pre-select and adjust rules such as the fabric type and feel, any accessories such as buttons, zips and panels, and many other product attributes that can affect the product’s suitability for DTG printing.

DecoNetwork puts you in control by ensuring that only products you can actually produce will be visible on your website or in DecoNetwork Business Hub. That’s immediate pain relief!

DTG-ready products

Stay profitable with flexible printing pricing

You want to make money on every order, don’t you? Of course you do. But the way you price your work is a matter of choice, and it can get complex - so DecoNetwork gives you the ability to price your products flexibly.

Do you prefer using a simple flat price? No problem!

Or perhaps you prefer to charge based on the number of areas printed? You got it!

Or maybe you want to ensure you charge based on the actual size of the printed area? We’ve got you covered!

The wide variety of choices in our printing pricing rules ensures your business can be as flexible or as controlled as you want it to be, without losing money thanks to overly restrictive automated pricing parameters.

Flexible DTG pricing

Did you know...

You can apply a discounted print price for additional areas printed which will encourage your customers to print to multiple areas in an order.

Solve your color fidelity problems!

The great thing about DTG is its ability to print full-color images that look great and feel awesome, but there are a few traps along the way. Ever had a customer select a deep purple that came out as navy? Ever cursed the day fluoro green was included, because it always comes out as forest green? The last thing you want is a complaint from a disappointed customer, because it’ll always end up costing you money.

Well, stress no more. With DecoNetwork DTG custom color palette, you can avoid those colors that are a constant source of disappointment. You can create a custom palette to ensure your customers can only select and use colors that you know print perfectly on your DTG machine. Problem solved!

DTG color palettes

Size matters!

Variety can be a curse at times. Every DTG machine has different design size requirements or limitations, and that can cause hassles. But in DecoNetwork, you can set the actual body print sizes to ensure your artwork is always sized correctly for your machine. That means that the finished product looks exactly like what the customer saw in your Online Designer, and that’s great news for both of you!

In addition to size, you can also specify a minimum and perfect resolution setting. That warns your clients when they attempt to upload a design image with a resolution too low for your DTG printing process, and they get to make the adjustments - not you! We’ve really worked at making this software foolproof and super-convenient, based on your experiences and feedback.

Configure your decoration areas for DTG printing

Did you know...

You can set a minimum quantity required for your Direct-to-Garment printing to avoid low-quantity shortirun orders.

Efficiency matters!

You’d love every file to be production-ready, wouldn’t you? Okay then, what’s your preferred file format for your DTG production file? CorelDRAW .CDR, PDF, or PNG with a transparent background? No problem!

With DecoNetwork, the choice is yours. Your production-ready file will be the correct size and resolution for your machine. That means it’ll be ready to print without needing any additional work or modifications.

Download and print - it’s as simple as that with DecoNetwork. YESSS!

Production-ready DTG files

YES, we support Kornit production files

Using a Kornit direct-on-garment printer? No problem! DecoNetwork supports the Kornit production file format.

That means your DecoNetwork production file will automatically set the correct Kornit table size, artwork position and set-up type. Result: huge savings in the time you’d normally take to manually configure these settings, plus it eliminates costly manual errors.

Whether you need a coffee break, more time with the family or an opportunity to get orders to customers faster than your business competitors, you know that investing in efficiency is worthwhile. Let DecoNetwork hand you those opportunities!

Kornit production file support
DecoNetwork Business Hub

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Online Designer

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