Embroidery Shop Management Software

Designed by embroidery experts for the embroidery expert.

Embroidery Shop Management Software

You know it, we know it - generic business management software is all but useless in the embroidery business. Designed by embroidery experts for embroidery experts, DecoNetwork business management software deals seamlessly with complex embroidery pricing, design and production requirements.

Go embroidery industry specific

Why struggle with the wrong tools? DecoNetwork Business Hub is built for the embroidery industry, with embroidery pricing, embroidery order management and embroidery production management tailor-made for embroidery businesses of all sizes.

Create quotes and orders in minutes, not hours

Take advantage of DecoNetwork’s comprehensive catalogs and presets. Select from thousands of pre-configured product catalogs such as SanMar, alphabroder, S&S Activewear, BTC Activewear JBsWear and more. Choose your color, size and quantity with full support for style-color-size matrix, and upload or select a design. Product costs, decorating costs, digitizing fee, shipping costs and order totals are calculated automatically.

Easy embroidery quotes

We understand embroidery price tables

You can easily define embroidery price tables in DecoNetwork Business, ensuring your website and sales team are always using the latest prices.

Price by quality sewn and by the number of stitches in the design.

Embroidery price table

No more counting stitches!

Tired of the hack work of counting stitches on customers’ uploaded embroidery images? Sick of calculating digitizing fees? DecoNetwork does all that automatically.

Digitizing fees can be calculated per number of stitches or you can set a flat rate digitizing fee.

Automatic stitch count for embroidery

Did you know...

Estimating an accurate stitch count can be one of the most difficult jobs for an embroidery business and often relies on the experience of senior staff. Empower anyone in your business to accurately estimate stitch counts with DecoNetwork Business Hub.

Design embroidery online

Give your customers artistic control after you set the boundaries. Your customers can create their own embroidery lettering in the DecoNetwork online designer, then select from a choice of fonts, colors you’ve defined, and text effects like curve or arch.

Design embroidery online

Embroidery lettering: it’s the real thing!

Never mislead your customers! The embroidery lettering created in the DecoNetwork designer is real embroidery lettering that you can sew on your embroidery machine complete with correct stitch density, underlay and pull compensation.

What you see is what you get with DecoNetwork!

Real embroidery lettering

Did you know...

DecoNetwork's embroidery technology is powered by Wilcom, the world's leading embroidery design software.


Massive range of embroidery fonts

Select from over 149 embroidery fonts to suit every style and need. Each font has been programmed with minimum and maximum size settings to ensure your customer cannot make an embroidery lettering object too large or too small.

Embroidery fonts

Ensure quality with automatic stitch settings

Eliminate imperfections before they happen! DecoNetwork will automatically set the stitch density, underlay and pull compensation for the embroidery lettering created in the online designer. Naturally you can still adjust settings yourself in your own embroidery software.

Quality embroidery stitching

Did you know...

Each embroidery font has been configured with a maximum and minimum size setting to ensure your customer can't use the wrong font for the wrong size.

Using pre-configured palettes? No problem!

DecoNetwork supports 71 pre-configured embroidery thread palettes including Madeira, Gunold, Gutermann, Coats, Robinson-Anton, Saurka, Isacord, Kingfisher and more. And if we don't have your favorite available, you can easily define your own.

Embroidery color palettes
DecoNetwork Business Hub

Business Hub

Business Hub is quote, order, purchasing, design department and production management software tailor-made for embroidery.

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Online Designer

Online Designer

Empower your customers to design online with your own online designer. Customers can select products, upload designs, and create their own embroidery orders.

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DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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