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Build an army of sellers through the power of affiliate web stores.

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Affiliate stores

at a glance

Grow your business potential

Grow your business potential

with thousands of free affiliate web stores.

Free website for your key clients

Free website for your key clients

school, designers, sports clubs or charities.

Individually targeted website

Individually targeted website

with unique domain, look and feel and designs.

Group stores

Group stores

for easier reporting and control.

Allow stores to self-signup

Allow stores to self-signup

or control and create your own.

Allow stores to self-signup

Perfect fundraiser

for schools and clubs.

Grow with affiliate webstores

Grow your business dynamically or organically with affiliate web stores.

From sports clubs to schools, to designers or charities - Affiliate web stores are a great way to increase your sales while others do the hard selling work for you!

They sell for you, and you pay them commission. PERFECT for fund raising events!

Affiliate web stores

Individual websites, Individual brands

Each affiliate web store has its own unique URL (website address) and can have its own unique look and feel creating a unique online brand.

Go viral or create your own

Through a "Create your own online store" link on your website, your affiliate store network can go viral attracting thousands of online sellers. Alternatively, lock it down and create your own affiliate store when you want.

Create highly targeted websites

Create websites that are highly targeted to a niche market with ease. The same product range can be sold to different markets thanks to a unique URL and branding to attract a buying audience.

Manage yourself, or empower the affiliate store owner

You can decide to manage your affiliate stores yourself, or empower the affiliate store owner to manage their own site. Imagine the local sports teams promoting their own free affiliate website and sell products for you!

Create your own store

Easy money with commissions

Entice an army of affiliate stores to sell for you by earning commission on every sale they make. They sell and you produce, automatically paying your affiliate store commission per order that you control.

Group and control your affiliate stores

Assign affiliate web stores to groups, such as schools or charities, for easier reporting and control including what products each store can sell.

Group your affiliate stores

They sell, you produce

Your affiliates do the hard work for you selling your products to their market. All the orders come directly to you and you, as the fulfilment center, produce and ship the goods.

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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