Production management for printing and embroidery

Assign production jobs, download orders, print packing slips and more!

Production Management

at a glance

View and download orders.

View and download orders

for production.

Download production worksheet

Download production worksheet

with production instructions.

Assign to operators to manage workload.

Assign to operators

to manage workload.

Change order status as producced and shipped.

Change order status

as produced and shipped.

Shipping and packing slips generated automatically.

Shipping packing slips

generated automaatically.

Email and SMS notifications for customers

Automatically email or SMS

notifications to your customers

View all production jobs in one queue

In DecoNetwork your internet orders and off-line orders are consolidated into a single and easy to manage production queue.

Against each customer record you can define:

View all production jobs in one queue

Assign jobs to production team members

Create user accounts for production managers and production team members and assign jobs for production scheduling.

Highly visual to reduce errors

DecoNetwork Business Hub's™ production information is highly visual to reduce errors and mistakes in communication.

From on-screen information to a printable production worksheet, your production team will visually see a virtual mock-up of the final product including product color and decoration location.

For added reassurance, machine opertors can print off a PDF production worksheet containing all the relevant production information including product, sizes, colors, quantity, plus design location and design size.

Highly visual to reduce errors

Production workflow and status update

Monitor and push your orders through the DecoNetwork production workflow. From 'awaiting production', 'in production', 'awaiting shipping' to 'paid', 'ordered', 'received' and 'shipped' your production and customer service team can easily update the order status with a single click and your customer can monitor the progress of their order online.

Production workflow and status update

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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