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Fundraiser campaign

3 years 6 months ago #15538 by Represent
Replied by Represent on topic Fundraiser campaign

Tommy wrote: Haven't heard anything from DN on campaign updates.

I'm getting more and more pressure to offer multiple items in a single campaign. I cannot compete with big players if I do not.

DN Feedback?

I also am getting pressure on multiple items on a single campaign.
and other things, I hope they address these things in V8. at first they said it was simple to add these options to the fundraising platform and that it would be in version 2 of the fundraiser platform. I haven't heard anything about it since. sucks to have a fundraising platform that can only be used when conditions are perfect.
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10 months 3 weeks ago #22142 by JoeCaricari
Replied by JoeCaricari on topic Fundraiser campaign
We also need to be able to let the customer set the price to what they want. As it is now they can't set the price lower then the minimum cost per shirt for the quantity minimums that are set. I can understand why it is set like it is BUT honestly it makes no sense. I have a 6 piece minimum on most shirt. The 6 piece price doesn't allow customers to set their price lower than that. They are being forced to charge based off the minimum price. I know customers will not be happy at all with that. This needs to be fix immediately. Inksoft is now all about the stores. That is their main focus. Their stores are coming along very well. I use Deco and Inksoft. I want to get rid of Inksoft but I need the stores functionality. Please address the store issues quickly!

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