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Anyone have a template for replacing the top image?

1 year 6 months ago #18976 by tshirtist
I used to be a web designer, but after 10 years of primarily running my shirt printing company, I am so far behind modern design practices that I don't feel like I have time to learn them again, so I'm totally looking for shortcuts.

I signed up for Deco Network in December and I just decided that I had the interface set up enough that I could point my domain to my store rather than sending people to a separate link. I really want to start promoting this new site with the hope of getting new customers and orders, but there's one big thing I wish I could change. Right now, it's that fixed image at the top of the page. For one thing, it's just a static image, and I'd rather have a combination of images and HTML there, but for another thing, the image size restriction means that it is leaving a lot of blank space on the sides. So I feel like if I can replace that with a block of HTML code I'd be much better off, because then I could do things like put my phone number and email contact right there so I can more easily grab customers who don't "get" the designer right away.

So, does anyone have an easy block of code/template that works well to use instead of the static image?


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1 year 5 months ago #19205 by 2LiveCards
I'm probably not understanding what you want precisely, but there's a carousel for images / banners on the home page already in the system.

If it's on a separate page, or product page you'll need to programme it at present, but when (shortly) DN8 is released that might change entirely

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