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Make our shop digital whit Deconetwork

2 years 2 weeks ago #17619 by Shomec
Hi all,

Like you may know embroidery shops are typically more or less not on the front of technology in there shops ( use of floppy disk on machines...)

Therefore i want to be different and i want to do it whit help of Deconetwork. I want to add touchscreen to every workstation. Has anyone already try this and use the sistem in this way? (photos are welcome )

Below you can see how do i plan to mount all the screens.

1. Embroidery machine No.1

2. Embroidery machines (small orders) No.2

3. Heat press station

File Attachment:

File Attachment:

File Attachment:

uploading images

The thinks that Im not sure about the most are:

1. Has anyone use "scan code" on the top of Deconetwork worksheet?

2. Are icons in Busines hub Hub big enough so it can be use whit touch screen? anyone use this BH whit touchscreen

3. Do you have any recommendation what should i add to this sistem?

Thanks all for feedback

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