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Ability to specify design printing in one color w/o turning off color tracking

1 year 7 months ago #18475 by tshirtist
I am a new user but this seems like a big problem to me, but also something that should be fairly easy to fix.

Currently, if you upload a B&W photo or a grey-scale drawing--that is, something with gray shading, not just solid black and solid white--one of two things will happen.

1) If you have "Automatically track used colors" turned on, the system will try to count the colors and will basically assign the image whatever your maximum number of printable colors is. If you then tell the system that you only want the image to print in one color (that is, black ink on a light shirt, presumably using halftones), the designer will then display your image as *one solid rectangle of color* rather than keeping the image preview and just *counting* it as one color.


2) If you have "Automatically track used colors" turned off, it will allow you to upload your grey image and say it's only one color, and it will display it on the garment as the original grey-scale image, but then when any user adds text to their image, the system asks them "How many colors are in this image?" every time they add text--which can by definition of the way the designer works only *ever* be one color per block of text. That seems like it would quickly annoy the heck out of cutomers.

Is it possible to just keep the "Automatically track used colors" turned on, but add a check box where you can specify "treat this image as one color" but not have that cause the image to display in the designer as one solid block of color? I have attached screen shots of how this works in the designer, plus an example of how it can be handled (from the CustomInk site's interface).

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