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Coupon Code features to help with marketing

1 year 1 month ago #21298 by thinkpro
I have inksoft also and I'm trying to transition away but they have some coupon code items that are really really helpful in getting people to use the site. Is there a function hidden away that I don't see that can do the following marketing/coupon options? If so, please let me know. I use these coupons A LOT for marketing and this little feature prevents us from fully diving into Deco.

One coupon code per user - if you want to give a one time use code (*an additional option of time period or qty of code usage, and specific item option)
This is used if you want to give away a limited time giveaway to expose people to your site and encourage new users. OR for stores when a customer wants to allow their employees to get free stuff every once in awhile.

Coupon code applicable for specific items and quantity of that item.
A lot of times we want to discount specific items not just an entire basic category. Currently the option is too limited.

See the screenshot of inksoft. This would be helpful to all deco users.

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