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Separate Clipart Library + Accessible When Building Templates + Clipart Designer

4 weeks 11 hours ago #23021 by paradoxsc
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We literally have thousands of custom made and licensed clipart files but no where to put them within deconetwork. The Stock designs section is not a good place. On the front end, the user has to click through a lot of screens to get it into the designer.  The clipart needs to be organized but also really easy to access for clients.

I propose a whole new tab under "stock designs" in the admin area called "clipart" where we can upload and organize our .SVG clipart files. I also would like to make these files available when we are making template designs within the template designer on the backend. And finally, I would like the clipart library to be an optional setting that can be enabled in the designer that creates a "clipart mode" on page load version of the designer that can be linked on the home page for those who want to just dive right in to designing without browsing through pages of templates or products. I would like the clipart tab to be always visable when users are in the designer.

Customink and others are already doing this with their "design lab" and "artwork" tab for people who want a little more control over their design. We would love to see this functionality native without a work around.

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